Zacklim Flat Floor Specialist Sdn Bhd is a leading floor specialist founded in Malaysia. Began as Zacklim Industrial Works Sdn Bhd in 1984 the company has since then amassed vast experiences in construction of factories, warehouses, cleanrooms amongst its early notable projects were Western Digital and Nestlé Distribution Center.

In 1998 Zacklim Industrial Works Sdn Bhd (ZIW) was appointed as the main contractor for Nestlé Distribution Centre. During the 1990s there were no reputable floor specialists in Malaysia that could deliver in superflat floors and this provided a somewhat daunting opportunity for Zacklim Industrial Works Sdn Bhd to venture into the superflat flooring business. Together with an Australian specialist team comprising of consultants and skilled personnel specializing in concrete floor designs and construction, and utilizing some of the finest and state-of-the-art machinery from SOMERO® laser screeding machines. The company has, over the years, evolved a team of certified floor specialists in the Zacklim Group that is second to none in Malaysia and many parts of the Asian region and are capable of producing floors of world class standard.

In the year 2000 Zacklim Flat Floor Specialist Sdn Bhd was established and incorporated with the mission of producing world standard quality floor finishes that are flat, level and long lasting. Our flagship project was IKEA car park, located at Mutiara Damansara that was completed in 2003 which till today still stands as arguably the most outstanding car park in Malaysia.



Our philosophy rests on working closely with clients and consultants in ensuring our commitment to achieve fast track job with professionalism, quality, cleanliness and safety. Clients often appreciate our innovative construction methods with high quality finishing·


We are sensitive to our clients' requirements and intrinsic needs for quality, cost and timely completion of their projects and post projects service. We strive to continuously infuse in our trained personnel work ethics of the highest order and learn to react positively in changes and developments of technology.



When Zacklim Flat Floor Specialist Sdn Bhd started its foray into the concrete flooring industry in year 2000, the company has achieved significant in-roads by completing notable flooring jobs like IKEA (both Malaysia and Singapore), Giant D.C in Salak Tinggi, PROTON City, SMART Tunnel, LCCT, TESCO Scott Garden, KLIA2, etc.


To consistently strive to advocate the importance & knowledge of constructing commercial & industrial concrete flooring of world class standards in the Asian region. 



To promote world class concrete flooring we are committed to sharing & propagating the virtues of best concrete practices to applicators, professionals including contractors who are committed to constructing concrete floors of the highest standard.